Comprehensive, Painless, Personalised

Our Approach


Helping to identify what may be contributing to your ill health is what we are concerned with. Groundbreaking screening technology in the form of the Qest4/Asyra provides our practitioners with additional information to help them help you improve your health and wellbeing. 


Bio-energetic screening - is an electro-magnetic / bio-feedback system which is painless and provides immediate results.


The system reads subtle electrical signals from the body to give a comprehensive health check including nutritional status, food intolerances, environmental sensitivities and the energetic health of internal organs.


Please note that we are unable to test clients with a pacemaker fitted or those that are in their first trimester of pregnancy.

What happens during a Consultation?

Our first meeting will take in the region of 1 hour. We use a detailed health questionnaire to gain a fuller picture of your health, lifestyle, diet, past and current medical problems to assess how effectively your body is working at the moment and how this can potentially be improved.


The Consultation

qest4/asyra.jpgWe will then carry out your Food Sensitivity test using bio-energetic screening with the Qest4/Asyra system. When ready to run a test, the client is invited to hold the brass probes, one in each hand. The client remains fully clothed and will feel nothing throughout the screening process.


The Asyra runs the tests, and the results are displayed on the computer screen. The practitioner will then have a discussion about the test results.


Following your consultation we will send you a full report which will include a copy of your test results along with supporting information sheets and recommendations. A personalised homeopathic remedy will be posted directly to you for immediate use. 

OptiHealth UK Full Test

Your full test will include:

Food Sensitivity & Intolerances

Food sensitivities and intolerances are identified through testing for over 200 different foods / beverages and phenolics. These together with appropriate nutritional advice help to form the basis of a healthy eating plan which we recommend for all our clients

Environmental Sensitivity

This type of sensitivity is often a symptom of deeper level imbalances, which may potentially be de-sensitised using your personalised homeopathic remedies, in conjunction with a broader health improvement program.

Imbalances of Organ Systems

This is at the heart of our health screening. An Qest4/Asyra scan will identify which of the major organs of your body are currently in stressed or weakened states. As organ systems are linked together both physically and energetically, the system may also indicate energetic  imbalances which could be contributing to your health issues.

Digestive Status

We look at any digestive enzyme deficiencies that may be contributing to an impaired digestive system. We also test for Candida, a form of yeast fungus in the body that can be the cause of many unexplained illnesses.

Nutrition needs

Nutritional screening can provide an indicator of your vitamin and mineral status

Homeopathic Remedy

A personalised  Homeopathic Remedy is provided  to help rebalance and desensitize you to the issues identified in your tests.

Reports and Recommendations

After your consultation you will receive the following:


  • Full Report
  • Nutritional Advice and Recommendations
  • Personalised Homeopathic Remedy

Consultation Follow up

It is preferable to have a follow-up 8-12 weeks after your initial consultation in order to assess the progress made and discuss appropriate next steps.